I named my game room "Nerdvana" (Nerd + Nirvana).

The room features a bunch of different things that I like, including Superman (I'm a huge fan), Nintendo, and One Piece. 

Here are some photos of Nerdvana.


I found a vendor on Etsy who made custom wall scrolls.

I decided early on that it would be cool to have a few full wall scrolls in the room.

Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite game of all time.

I found an 8K version of the original box art to use for the wall scroll. 


The seats are the "Gladiator" design from Bob's Discount Furniture.

There are buttons to adjust  the head rest and to recline electronically.

The cupholders have lights around the rim, and the middle console has an additional 2 cup holders. I bought these because of the sleek design and special features.

There are 4 seats for optimal multiplayer gaming. They are also super comfy! 



I found a custom Nintendo neon light online.

I installed it in the corner of the room on the same wall as the Switch TV cabinet.

It was the only way the light could be on but not glare off of the TV.

It is very bright and you can see its hue in the background of some of the pictures. 

I created a custom One Piece mural.

Each character features a videogame console and my favorite game from that system. 

To read more about it's creation and the games represented,

click on the "One Piece Mural" page at the top. 


I found it difficult to predict where the carpet would be in comparison to the characters feet, so I decided to do a trim. Instead of a traditional wood design, I took 2D Mario wall stickers and made them into a Mario Level Trim. If you look, the level leads to a pipe, which then has Mario coming out in 3D from the pipe in the corner (just like Super Mario Odyssey)!

The pipe is made out of a trash can that I found at Lowe's and spray painted green.

I like the concept of door wraps. They allow for the entire door to serve as an additional mural. 

I found a vendor on Etsy who made custom door wraps.

It took a lot of thought and work to find both the designs that would work (doors are far skinnier than you think) and also a source material large enough to print and still look clear.

Pictures are typically wider than long, so this made it even more difficult.

Eventually I decided on my four pictures: One Piece (Luffy punching), Mario from Super Mario Odyssey, Link from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the Justice League. 


I created a custom bookshelf for all of my movies and videogames. 

I painted it black to emphasize the boxes.

The top row has some collectibles, and then I broke the games up into systems.

Some of the systems feature next to their respective games.

The Master Sword watches over all the heroes who come to play.


This picture was drawn by Jorge Jimenez as a tribute to the release of Action Comics #1000. 

I love it! It's the perfect personification of Superman.

He's just sitting on a cloud, watching out for us, with a smile!

I also have a Snorlax bean bag chair sitting in front.

Snorlax is just as relaxed as Superman! 


I bought an NES Controller table from a vendor on Etsy.

I found a Pikachu tissue box from Ebay as well as a Game Boy clock from Merchoid. 


A friend of mine made me aware of a Superman Arcade Machine that was being sold on the Facebook Marketplace. I bought it and restored it. 

You can read more about the process on the "Superman Arcade Machine" tab. 


I bought an entertainment center from Wal-Mart to support my current consoles and display my amiibo collection. I currently have all of the amiibo from the Smash Bros. series as well as several others (I'm just under 100 as of writing this).

Not all of the amiibos are displayed on this entertainment center.

There are two small windows in the room. This room is a basement, so the windows are partially obscured by the ground and landscape. Both windows, however, do receive optimal sunlight during the morning. I thought it would be a cool idea to get stained glass windows. I found a company that made custom window clings. I picked two pictures that I felt would work with the theme of the room. The Zelda one is based off of a popular set of pictures that already look like stained glass. The other is based off of the stained glass on Peach's Castle. 



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